What is the Folklore Behind Crop Circles?

Most often when something cannot be totally scientifically explained, the search for answers may bring one back to looking at folklore. Some that have studied the crop circle phenomena will equate them to what are sometimes called old wives tales or folklore. One of the arguments that is raised about crop circles is where they are located. Those that have been reported have appeared in what is known as the developed and western countries. Yet, apparently there are no reported findings of crop circles in Muslim countries.

One old folk lore is about fairy rings. From a logical explanation, these are a formation of a ring or arc of mushroom. The premise behind these is they form because of fungus growth. Those who are presenting logical thinking about crop circles will refer to them as being like the fairy rings .possibly due to some form of fungi.

Without something totally concrete about crop circles, they will always be open for conjecture and the infusion of folklore will be part of this. There are lots of theories revolving around the formation of crop circles, but not one of the theorists has been able to come forth with positive proof to totally back their theory.

So all of this leaves the average interested person in limbo, but allows them to research the individual theories, and then perhaps choose the one that makes the most sense to them. Then again, who knows, perhaps as a result of interest and research, there will be new theories to come forth as time progresses.

What will be interesting to observe is when new unusual crop circles appear. At the moment it is impossible to predict as to when and where these will appear yet again. So there really is no way to prepare for them, and that leaves each individual to draw their own conclusions.