Is There UFO Evidence About Crop Circles?

It will all depend on who you ask whether crop circles are man made or whether they have been designed here on earth via UFOs. One thing that both sides of this argument will agree upon is that crop circles have some distinct characteristics.

Similarities in Crop Circles

  • They are not presented with just one type of crop, although the majority seem to appear in wheat crops
  • In a matter of minutes or at least over night, they seem to appear
  • They have existed for about thirty years and range from simple to complex
  • They vary in size but can range up to 100s of feet
  • They have been found in various countries, but the majority are in the Eastern part of England
  • There have been changes in the soil and plants

The UFO Connection

There have been several reports from spectators reporting seeing a UFO in the close proximity or immediately over where a crop circle has appeared. There have been very few reports of UFO sightings on the actual night a crop circle has materialized. There have been additional reports from individuals that they have experienced some physical symptoms. These are feeling strange or ill. Some have said they feel elated. Other signs have been watches suddenly stopping, or electrical instruments suddenly failing. Batteries that were well charged are suddenly drained. In cases where video or audio recordings were attempted, they captured strange sounds.

Various reports have become a matter of record by individuals who firmly believe they had some type of encounter with some form of activity with a UFO. Then there have been several reports of seeing an orange light.

Many of these reports have been filed by people with credibility, and show no purpose of stirring up a hoax and providing false reports. Yet so far, there does not seem to be any hard evidence that UFOs exist, or that they are directly involved with crop circles.