How are Crop Circles Supposedly Created

With there being no definitive evidence for both sides of the argument concerning crop circles, there can be no sure answer as to how they have been created. There are merely theories, and there are a few of them.

UFO interference

The UFO theorists believe that there is evidence in every category that has been outlined regarding the characteristics of the Crop Circles. These comprise: when they appear, crop kinds, time in existence, size, countries, ground anomalies, balls of light, electromagnetic effects and psychic effects.

Non Human Intelligence

This theory category falls into the realms of spiritual intelligence. Believers here concur with all the common agreements and are as yet unsure that: ground anomalies take place, and that there are visualizations of balls of light and electromagnetic effects. What they hold as a firm belief is the unusual psychic effects the crop circles can have on some people.

Military/Government Activities

Individuals who lean towards the military government involvement, point to the crop circles’ quick appearance. It is agreed that they will affect any type of crop, and mostly wheat crops. Agreement upon size is evident and that they appear in various countries. Where there is some difference of appearance, it relates to not being clear on the changes in plant or soil or other anomalies.

Human Design

Those who hold this theory rely on certain facts such as restrictions on when they appear, the types of crops, the size, and the duration in which crop circles have been around.

Natural Causes

What can be confirmed with this theory is that crop circles can originate in any crop, although most are in wheat crops. They can vary in size, and they have been found in various countries. It is known that they do appear overnight and there is a strong indication that this happens within minutes. A weaker segment of this theory is that crop circles create a electromagnetic effect.