Have Crop Circles Been Decoded?

For those that don’t believe in the theory that Crop Circles are man made, many believe that they depict some type of secret code. For those of this belief there has been time and effort put into the decoding of some of the crop circles that exist now.

For those who believe in what some call the un-natural, they beleive that there are many clues upon the earth that as of yet, man has not discovered.

There are some who think that decoding crop circles is all bunk and that it is mentally challenged people who would think otherwise. Surprisingly however, there are some very highly educated and intelligent people who think otherwise, and do believe in the code theory of the crop circles.

Just recently, a molecular biologist who has been studying crop circles for a few decades, stated he has decoded one of the crop circles. This individual has indicated that he has followed mainstream methods that other scientists would follow when they were performing studies on subject. This particular individual perhaps holds more credibility than some others who have made claims concerning crop circle coding. Simply because he has a scientific background and a PhD in chemistry, all of which could play an important role in the study of crop circles.

Some of the claims that this individual has indicated is that what he has discovered in circle crop formation is the advanced binary code that supercedes what is now currently used in computers. For the lay person this is astounding, as they can only guess how complex the computer binary codes are. Based on his findings and what he believes he has discovered from the codes, he has indicated that they are simple messages to mankind such as….

  • “Much pain but still time”
  • “Believe”
  • “There is good out there”
  • “Beware of false gifts and their broken promises.”

The provider of these findings is of the belief that there are ETs out there attempting to deliver a message to mankind or make contact with them.