Crop Circles Leading Experts

The Crop Circle Phenomenon has become so prominent that it has led some to become experts in it. With there being so many theories about these unusual patterns in crop fields, it is demanding some answers.

Paul Vigay

It is unlikely that Mr. Vigay set his goal of becoming a leading expert in Crop Circles, but it was evidently to become so. He was originally a British Computer Consultant. Eventually he became an expert both in UFOs as well as Crop Circles. Paul had developed an interest in areas of the para-normal, specifically the occult, as well as hauntings and UFOs .

His interests spread in 1990 to crop circles. He became so intrigued with this that he actually developed a website to share his views. Interestingly Paul’s body was discovered in 2009, and it was never determined whether it was an accidental death or suicide.

Francine Blake

Francine is considered to be an expert in crop circles. She was led into this realm with her claim that she captured an image of a UFO hovering over a circle. This had such an impact on her that it led her to extensively study the phenomena in England. There has been a lot of information coming forward regarding the crop circles being hoaxes, with some stepping forward and taking credit for them.

In spite of this, Francine is still inclined to think that some of these crop circles are just too intricate to be developed by man. She has gone so far as to indicate that she has been able to prove scientifically that changes were made in the composition of the soil and water plus the plant life in a crop formation.

There are many others that are classed as experts in Crop Circles, but at the same time it has been said that there has not been a lot of scientific studies done on this subject.