Crop Circles in the Art World

Circle crops have been full of mystery ever since they were discovered. Almost anyone that has had the opportunity to see one is most intrigued with it, no matter whether it is a simple form or one of the more complex ones. Those who appreciate art can truly appreciate the beauty of them.

There is actually an art collection that is called the Circle Makers. This was formed by two artists who immediately recognized the art attributes of this phenomena and ventured out into creating art pieces as crop circles. It has grown to be so popular, that there are actual crop circle making competitions. One in particular that was held in Berkshire provided some substantial winnings for the winning participant that created the best crop circle.

Different mediums are used by the crop circle artists. These include PVC, pipe, string, and many other common items. While the art created is certainly appreciated by art enthusiasts, what it has done is shown that indeed crop circles can be created by man. Even with this type of proof however, there are still those who hold fast to the concept that some of the crop circles that exist are just too far detailed to every be produced by humans.

While this type of art is appreciated by personal art lovers, there are several commercial clients that seek out the services of crop circle artists. One may think that with such intricacy that goes into this type of art, that it would be very expensive to purchase a piece that has been produced. Yet, a search on the internet shows many resources that are offering different versions of this art.

Some of the crop circle artists may be dubbed as hoaxers. The reason for this is because people are split on whether crop circles are manmade or there really aliens visiting earth to beautify it with their impression of art.