Crop Circle Festivals and Events

Those that have become intrigued with crop circles, are always anticipating when the next one will appear. To heighten their enjoyment, they like to attend regular festivals and events on the subject.

Information Events

On occasions, some organizations hold annual events including beginner seminars on crop circles. These are geared towards those who are new to this phenomena, or are just becoming interested in it. Sometimes they are held right in the center of Devizes, which is known to be a big focal point for the crop circles.


Some of the most interesting and exciting events are the retreat events. On these occasions, groups that have joined will actually explore some of the crop circles. For those who have not had any prior experience, it is an exciting opportunity.


At times there are workshops that are conducted, and these can be accessed online. They may be held at different times of the year. These are perfect for those who don’t have access to a lot of the crop circle gatherings in their specific area.


Crop circle enthusiasts can also keep they eyes open for webinars that are on occasion held on this subject.

The various events that become available for crop circle enthusiasts can vary in different locations, with many being popular throughout the UK. For those that have time constraints, there are one day events that are frequently held on saturdays and sundays. Often what these will consist of is day tours to some of the more famous crop circles. It is a great way to increase one’s knowledge about this really exciting phenomena.

For those that are intent on becoming involved in exploring this fascinating subject, it would be to their advantage to see if any groups or organizations have formed in their area, or in a town or city not too far away.