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Crop Circles: What Goes Around Comes Around

Crop circles have been a source of fascination for the media, scientists, and enthusiasts of the strange and unusual for a number of decades. From the 1970’s through to the present day the explanations and suggestions for

History of Crop Fields

Food is something we need in order to survive but we sometimes take this for granted. Have you ever wondered where food comes from and the history behind it? In fact, the meals you eat today are

Crop Circle Festivals and Events

Those that have become intrigued with crop circles, are always anticipating when the next one will appear. To heighten their enjoyment, they like to attend regular festivals and events on the subject. Information Events On occasions, some

Is There UFO Evidence About Crop Circles?

It will all depend on who you ask whether crop circles are man made or whether they have been designed here on earth via UFOs. One thing that both sides of this argument will agree upon is

How are Crop Circles Supposedly Created

With there being no definitive evidence for both sides of the argument concerning crop circles, there can be no sure answer as to how they have been created. There are merely theories, and there are a few

Have Crop Circles Been Decoded?

For those that don’t believe in the theory that Crop Circles are man made, many believe that they depict some type of secret code. For those of this belief there has been time and effort put into

What Should You Believe Concerning Crop Circles?

It is not uncommon for an individual who starts reading about Crop Circles to soon have their interest peaked. It obviously takes time as to what conclusions a person can come to. At this point in time,

What is the Folklore Behind Crop Circles?

Most often when something cannot be totally scientifically explained, the search for answers may bring one back to looking at folklore. Some that have studied the crop circle phenomena will equate them to what are sometimes called

Crop Circles in the Art World

Circle crops have been full of mystery ever since they were discovered. Almost anyone that has had the opportunity to see one is most intrigued with it, no matter whether it is a simple form or one

Crop Circles Leading Experts

The Crop Circle Phenomenon has become so prominent that it has led some to become experts in it. With there being so many theories about these unusual patterns in crop fields, it is demanding some answers. Paul