There are a lot of strange things that happen in the world, and when they do Scientists do their very best to explain them. Most times they do come up with a logical explanation, but there are times when they simply cannot. So does the crop circle phenomenon fit into this latter category?

What are Crop Circles?

Crop circles are most adequately seen from the air as these are intricate patterns that seem to appear in the fields of farmers where crops have grown. They can be a simple formation of a pattern, or they can be extremely detailed. No matter which they are, many people are totally intrigued by them.

There are those that believe there is a logical explanation about this, and are adamant that these crop circles are manmade. Then there is also a very large group of people that believe they go beyond the scope of man, and are created by an unknown force like aliens.

The crop circle phenomenon first became evident back in the 1970’s. Since then, though there have been many more of these unusual patterns cropping up. The concept behind them is that they are simply created by flattening out the crop that has been planted, and turning this into some type of pattern.

Although they do appear in different countries, the UK has a fair share of them. What has been observed is the locations where they have been found. Many are found close to the road side or near some type of heritage location.

There have been some individuals who have taken credit for the formation of some of the present crop circles.

What is intriguing about these is that they seem to show up overnight, and some of them are so extremely detailed that many say they could not have been created by man.